Could your sleeping habits be hindering your ability to lose weight?

While it might be obvious that not getting enough sleep could hinder you energy levels during exercise, not getting enough sleep can effect your ability to lose weight in many other ways.  First, feeling sleep deprived is hardly a recipe for having great workouts, taking the time for meal preparation, and healthy stress management – which are all must haves for successful weight loss.  In addition, when you are tired, your body tends to crave simple carbohydrates in order to get energy (and quick!) as well has hinders your ability to make healthier food choices or cook a meal vs. taking the quick route of picking up something or popping a pre-packaged meal in the microwave.  During sleep your body also regulates the hormones gherlin (the hunger hormone), leptin (the satiety hormone), cortisol (stress hormone), and insulin (hormone to help regulate blood glucose) altering each in different ways.  Bottom line, you may be hungrier, crave simple carbs, and your metabolism won’t be working at it’s best.   If you are struggling to see progress toward your goal, first start with getting consistent and restful sleep.  If you have trouble with sleep you may want to try some natural sleep supporting essential oils in addition to maintaining a bedtime routine.  Check out more about how sleep can effect weight loss and performance.

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