About Us

Hey there!  I’m Katie and I am wife and mom to 2 active boys and one crazy little puppy!  We love to be out and about, hiking the awesome Metropark system in the area, walking our dog, and maybe even hunting for Pokemon while we are at it!

I have a BS and MS in Exercise Physiology and Wellness Promotion and work as a wellness coordinator for a large company in the area helping people take steps toward their wellness goals!   I am also a Certified Health Coach.   I love the work I do and want to be able to reach and inspire more people to achieve the things they didn’t think they could do.   Whether it’s running their first 5k, reaching their goal weight,  taking control of their stress, or simply staying healthy as they age, I am their biggest cheerleader!

My husband is also an Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning coach, working with athletes of all ages to keep them injury free and making them stronger, faster, and quicker for their sport.

My goal is to teach you how to make wellness a lifestyle and help you reach your goals!  I will also keep you updated of what’s trending in wellness, busting myths, giving you credible and evidence based information, new exercises to try,  products that may support your goals, and hacks to make it all a little easier!