Customized Fitness Plans – customized workouts just for you for an entire month.  This plan will take into account an orthopedic considerations, fitness level, equipment available and your specific goals.  Will help to keep you on track and progress your workout so you can ensure the time you spend exercising is helping you reach your goals.  Can range from a beginner plan to the seasoned athlete.    1 month of workouts (4 individual workouts) – $50

Fitness Consult – the fitness consult will also include a one month Customized Fitness Plan but includes an in person session allowing for additional personalization and gaining more insights about your health, personal goals, etc. that play a role in your plan.  60 Minutes –  $75

Sport Specific Fitness Plans – these customized plans will help to give you that edge in your sport to run a little faster, jump a little higher and focus in on injury prevention techniques.  Great for recreational adult athletes and high school athletes looking for a safe and formalized program to take you to the next level.  $80

Wellness Analysis – this session reviews your current health and wellness practices in  your daily routine and makes suggestions on steps you can take to meet your overall wellness goals – whether that is weight management, stress management, improved energy, lower cholesterol, eating healthier, etc.  This sessions will review your current diet, current health “numbers” if you have them, fitness routine and goals to come up with a wellness plan that works for you.  This session may also focus on making suggestions for overall lifestyle changes within the family, if needed.  60 minutes –   $75

Fitness & Wellness Package – this combines both the wellness analysis and customized fitness plan to get the best of both worlds.  60 minutes – $110

Check In Sessions – these sessions are great for making sure you are staying on track.  It’s an opportunity to review what is going well in your plan, what you are struggling with, and ways you can make some changes to keep you on track to success!  30 Minutes by phone – $20/session or 3 for $50

Speaking Engagements – share health and wellness topics with your group or event!  We can come up with the topic that is right for you and your group.  Contact us for more information.